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My name is Isabel Aristy and I am a freelance Graphic Designer and Photographer. I was born and raised in Bronx, New York. On my website you will find previous work I have done, available services, and a sneak peek into my imagination.


I hold a Bachelors of Technology (BTECH) in Communication Design from The City University of New York Technical College (2010). I have been designing since I was a Junior in High school (2003). It became more consistent when I graduated as I do full-time design for a printshop in my hometown. 


Where do I began with photography. Photography is something that has been part of me since young. As a teen you never caught me without a disposable camera. When you entered my room my dresser was surrounded by photographs. You caught me on social websites, you was guaranteed to see slideshows and albums. Photography is one of my favorite hobbies. I love taking pictures.

I love the fact you can capture a memory so vividly forever in a photograph. No matter when you look back, your mind will instantly go back to whatever emotion you was feeling at that very moment. That is exactly what I love to provide to my clients; that instant connection with their memories.


As my day job, I work for The Department of Education in NYC. I am a Career and Technical Teacher. I have taught Photoshop, Digital Photography, Microsoft Office, I-Photo and the list continues.

My side job (designing and photography) is what inspired me to become a teacher. I teach to spark that creative aspect in students' minds and to share what I love to do; in hope that it will inspire my students to be motivated to fight for their dreams, if it's design or not.